Gavin Wilson


Solo Shows
2004 "Learned Photoshop" Kings County, Brooklyn, NY
1998 "444", Apex Art Curatorial Program, NY, NY

Group Shows

2021 "Toxic/Tonic", Bushel, Delhi, NY

2020 “Really.”, Miles McEnery Gallery, NY, NY
2019 [Right Behind the New Museum] Presents: “Please Step on the Grass”, NY, NY
2016 "Phreek Magnet", Undercurrent Projects, NY, NY
2016 Mayson Gallery, The Persistent Nature of Urgency, Works on Paper,NY, NY
2015 Mayson Gallery presents "Metropolitan Suite", NY, NY
2015 "Adrift", Marcas Contemporary Art, Santa Anna, CA
2012 "Adult Contemporary", Mayson Gallery, NY, NY
2012 "Keep It Simple", As Issued, Costa Mesa, CA
2012 "Leaning into the Verse", Munch Gallery, New York, NY
2011 "Hotter Then July: A Sexploration curated by Savannah Spirit", NY Studio Gallery, NY, NY
2010 "Hold Me Tightly", ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA
2010 "Salon" Salon, NY NY
2010 "Power to the People", Feature Inc. Gallery, NY, NY
2009 "Vissionary Drawing Building", Incident Report Viewing Statio
2007 "U-TURN" Petra Projects, New York, NY
2005 "Trippin' Balls, A Mycological Exploration", V-Gun, Portland, OR
2005 Milan Flash Art Fair with Jack the Pelican Presents (Brooklyn, NY),Milan, Italy
2005 "Refound" W/O Walls at Scope NewYork, Scope Art Fair, NewYork, NY
2003 "Founders day" Artists Interpret Dr. Timothy Woodbridge, Spencertown Academy, Spencertown, NY
2003 Group Show, Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY
2002 Skin: Surface, Substance, and Design, Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, NY, NY
2001 Vice Versa, RARE Gallery, NY, NY
2000 ANP, City Projects, Century Gallery, London, England
2000 ANP, City Projects, Galerie S&H De Buck, Gent, Belgium
2000 Hairy Forearm, Feature Inc. Gallery, NY, NY
1999 Photo Synthesis, RARE Gallery, NY, NY
1998 Surfing the Surface, DFN Gallery, NY, NY
1998 The New York Photography Fair, Oct. 16-18, 1998, with RARE Gallery, NY, NY
1998 Science, Feature Inc. Gallery, NY, NY
1997 The Warmth of the Foundry (The Winter Show), The Ballard Institute, A+A Company Gallery,NY,NY
1996 "Her's was a ghost face at the window in a dream; and then the
glass pane turned it into a drowned face staring up from the bed of a clear river", Feature Inc.Gallery,NY, NY
1996 Office exhibition, Feature Inc. Gallery, NY,NY
1995 The Empty Show, Mayana Gallery Presents, NY, NY
1995 The Ballard Institute Presents, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
1994 Winter Show, Four Color Images Inc., NY, NY
1993 AllColor, Four Color Images Inc., NY, NY
1991 Ception Show, Alternative Space, Salem, OR
1989 Baseball Show Annual, Gallery 53, Cooperstown, NY
1988 Personal Visions: Six Photographers, Chenango County Council of the Arts, Norwich, NY

1988 Second Place in Sculpture Competition. Honda Research and
Development Building, Torrance, CA
1986 San Mareno Art League, Full Tuition Art Scholarship for Art Center
College of Design, Pasadena, CA

Reviews and Publications

2020 Gumguzette Interview

2001 K48 magazine, No.1 fall/winter 00/01
2000 "As Crowds Flow Into Chelsea", by Holland Cotter, The New York
Times, Jan 21, 2000
1999 "Amazing Grace", by Julie V. Iovine, The New York Times
Magazine/ Part 2 Home Design Fall 1999

1988 BFA in Painting, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
1985 Bakersfield Community College, Bakersfield, CA