I tell stories with pictures. I draw, create new objects, sew and take photographs to create images for my stories. Some of the subjects I explore are duality, nature, sexuality, psychedelics, and disguise. Conceptually the works often reveal qualities of “worlds within worlds” and symbiotic relationships that exist between seemingly separate things. A lot of my work can sometimes be confrontational portraying dream-like details of a very intense reality. A reality that can be shocking, fascinating, moving, and beautiful just like life. Many of my images are a kind of self-portrait, a “blueprint of the self”.
Some of my large-scale figurative drawings are created by initially hand sewing masks and costumes that I am photographed in. Those poses are collaged along with a lot of other photographed source material that is all combined to finally create the drawn scenario.
Something compels me to explore who and what I am and how I exist in nature and the world around me. My work is a mapping of that impulse.

I live and work in New York City.

photo by Tim Darwish